Lifes’ Epiphany!

The Manifesto of life!


Life’s certainly a HIGHWAY! and The destination is still unknown to me !


Let me begin by saying that it’s always easy to un-complicate things!
But let me just share somethings which never change! Just some deep observations which I had made.

1. Patience is not always virtue
Yes few things in life are worth the wait,but you need strive for and even reflect impatience within you from time to time. It’s a good sign.

“Impatient men are generous ones. Or haven’t you learned that by now?”
Megan Chance

2.Being Selective
Be a bit picky, be it relationships,work ,food or alcohol which you consume.Not only you’ll explore new things but also make worthwhile experiences.It helps to shape your thoughts.


3.There’s NOT always a thumbs up!
Better learn to say ‘NO’ , every wish can’t be fulfilled within the limited time frame.So don’t ever fear to give a thumbs down! It’s okay and very much normal.

4. Relative-ness of Ethics

There is never a right way to do a wrong thing
You’ll never be a able to find a right way.Nothing is BLACK AND WHITE.
It’s all relative and tricky.

5. No Pro-SKILLS! Only Competency
Competency will take you farther than your professional skills , be a good presenter , interpersonal skills always beat expertise.


6. Politics never end..
You may have an impression that ego clashes fade away as you grow up, but no they are more likely to occur even with the simplest difference of opinions.

7.Always PLAY-SMART!
There will be numerous around you ready to rip you apart and bring you down.Just be aware of your surroundings and play smart!

download (1).jpg

Never hold on to anything, it shatters away your temperament.



I had my Mid-Semester exams last week and during ‘THE PREPARATIONs’ I found something interesting :P

It’s the Battle of the 80’s.

1024px-Zilog_Z-80_Microprocessor_ad_May_1976 (1).jpg

The era which saw integration of WARFARE with microprocessors.
The invention for which we all are indebted to Marcian Hoff ,Stanley Mazor and Masatoshi Shima .

It certainly reminds me of the most devastating times, be it the Cold War,the fall of Soviet Union or Re-unification of Germany.

War does not determine who’s right…. only who is left.

Signing off

Love always

Pulkit Batra



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