Beantown! <3 - The city of dreams! =) & Life after! :P  

Yes! The city of dreams! The Beacon of Life! The city on a Hill!
It’s Boston! :)


Beautifully Quoted


Somewhere above Greenland, woah, too much cold :P


Peaceful walks in the parks!


Entering Boston, Fins up, descent in progress

70 % of the Boston’s land comprises of landfills, the BOS Logan airport is a wonder.
I was there for just 6 days, but I gotta tell you, this place had so much there for me! I’ll be brief, share some moments, xp’s, some pictures ofcourse! :)

Sit back and enjoy! :)

My reason for visit was for a Technical Conference, was getting my research paper published, but I hardly attended it, only on the first and the last day when I had my presentation, and guess what , I bagged the best student paper award with a whopping cash prize of 1500 USD + worth 500 USD food coupons, I never expected this much, of course my paper was good presenting one of the best systems, but not the best!

Anyway I cherished that moment and thank Dr. Bryony DuPont (Assistant Professor, Oregon State University) who was instrumental in her support.

I’ll just share some moments, hope you enjoy them. Boston’s night life is quite happening, when the next time you get there, do visit “The top of the Hub”, city’ best club. After Boston, I had to resume back my internship in Gujarat so technically in just a period of 45 days, I had boarded more than 10 flights quite fun it was. :P, earned a lot of air miles.


Newbury Street, Boston, MA


Somewhere near Cambridge, if Fenway had a match everyone knew it because it was all up in the sky


Harvard Lampoon, Cambridge, MA- That’s me PC- To the beautiful stranger :P


View from The Top of the Hub Restaurant


Piezo Power Shoes: Design Idea ASME IDETC


Well, Headed Home! :)

To all the readers, It has been quite a while, since I last wrote something, I haven’t been quite active. Ahh! It’s my final year at Uni, too many things are up. GRE, IELTS, Master & Job Applications, Language, dance classes and what not! Just yesterday, my mind gave up, well mindfulness took over. I was in my German class, it was a Sunday and thoughts like “What am I doing here?” and so on had muddied my view, quite suffocating these moments are. I tried to explain my state to one of my good friends, I tried but I was short of words, later that evening I had lived almost the storm which had made a visit, went for a meal out together, the conversations quite helped me up. Thank you for bearing me all this while :‘), long way to go! :D

The last thing I remember when I got home, was that I had to re-start with the meditation and rejuvenation. I was just getting too clumsy, well it helped me a lot, did some good deeds: unblocked all the people on my social networks, wrote a sorry message where it was a mutual mess. Later, I went for a family dinner, then watched my favorite 'Robin Williams’ (Check it out here will be worth your time! There’s also a movie which relates well to my life ‘Dead Poet’s Society’), always find time for yourself, sometimes lingering things won’t help in anyway whatsoever! So do your thing, get on with it! Your heart knows it! :) <3

If you got any comments/feedback/ suggestions, feel free to drop in : , would love to hear you all and ofcourse will get back, I will also like to thank Svbtle for hosting my blogs free of cost, perks of life

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Love Always!


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