Exam Time! #DND LOL! :P

Exams Worst nightmare for any ‘Engineering’ student. #

Yeah! So I’m back! Almost wrapping up with my Vth semester at Uni.
Theory exams just ended yesterday and what a nightmare it was!
Just have a good feeling , that I survived. :)


With this feeling in mind I always plan and sometimes even study! :P


(“Time to study no time to waste, I the great man must gain every second of the day.”) There’s always room for fun! :D Much needed.
Even staring at the wall during this time is interesting :P , listening new music always peps you up.

I always find time to cook for myself a bit though despite the hussle.


From managing massive syllabi to sleepless-endless nights, that feeling when you are forced to rethink your decision to opt for ‘Engineering’ :P and this time comes twice every year, that feeling is really strong, enough to make you feel like hell.

Sharing some Real story! :P

“In a British University, a final exam question on Business was:
“Define what risk is”.
The shortest answer ever at one word was :
The student handed the essay in and got 100%.”




“During the engineering exams we only need ink in our pen, nothing else is needed to answer the question paper.”

Yeah! When you don’t remember some answer or rather don’t know , you should better write something pertaining to it, just to avoid flunking. Filling pages is a habit now, write and keep it on until your hand pains.

They just boggle you up! #CreepyShizz

People are inventing new slangs like “#TeriMAAKaCALCULATOR” Lulz :D

->Finally OVER<-


It was already 7pm when I reached back home packed with bottles of ‘Heineken’ and ‘Erdinger’(Love dunkel(‘dark’) beer in those tinted bottles a lot) :P , spent an evening with my dad talking about my goals, seeking advice, and conversing too deep. I got selected in three top notch companies for Internship! Awaiting few more before the final call, so the wait is on!
The following night I can’t even explain my feeling of relief and peace.

Following day! got up a bit late :). Sorted my wardrobe,made myself a good brunch, danced like crazy, Updated my site->and atlast this blog entry!

More to come soon-
#InternshipDiaries #Engine-Powerplant

DCEDiaries :P (This is gonna be post graduation so sometime in 2018 , most likely a book which I’m working on! , Let’s see where it goes!) #

Signing off!
Good day! :D
Love always,

Pulkit Batra


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