The Week That was…..! =)

Monday , Tuesday .. literally went sleeping such a lazy ass! I’m! :P Eh! and ofcourse some movies made it better =)


So it was ‘Back to the future’ all the parts back to back =) , what a movie it’s :)
Delorean (The company that only produced one model) DMC-12 oh what a beauty. :) charged up with Peugeot Renault Volvo (PRV) 2.85 Litre V6 and,0–60 miles per hour (0–97 km/h) in 8.8 seconds in 1980s it’s commendable. :)
Have a look ! :)
Worth a glance!




and this was the guy ‘The Weather man’ who made the car equipped with a time machine .


Concluded my Monday with movies , the last one was You’ve got mail!

Tuesday :)

I went out for dinner with my friend!
:)The place was Coast Cafe :) ,

it’s a nice quiet place in HKV to relax yourself up, it was much needed for me :)
ending the day with a dessert : IMG-20140701-WA0001.jpg

I resumed my internship work on Wednesday!

Wednesday ,Thursday and Friday :P ALL days working!

Hectic schedules are back! working with CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamics- It’s a platform for fluid analysis for different systems) it’s not an easy task,it’s fun though :P

So it was wednesday :P I was heading to my workplace in the morning :)
and suddenly it was time for some action

The COPS who almost WISHED TO CHASE me down!
I dunno what a crazy ‘Traffic Police’ we have, I was driving well,pretty well I must say, waiting at the signal to get green. Suddenly cops came and started noting down the registration numbers of the first two vehicles of the rightmost lane, I didn’t notice, then when one of the cop took out a ‘pink’ still digital cam and started taking a picture, then it drawed my attention and it certainly bothered me to step out to enquire the matter. I never was ticketed for anything ever! I wasn’t aware of the reason why they were noting my car’s registration number down! and I gave a look somewhat like this

and I still dunno why a ‘Pink’ coloured digital cam . Seriously! :P
I dunno why !?
The most stupidest reason I ever got, the officer said “You’ve these balls obstructing your face in the windshield of the car”.

I politely asked which offence does that fall under ? because there’s no such offence! he wasn’t able to answer much!
so I didn’t listen,got back into my car and drove to my workplace, he asked me to pull over again. But I didn’t stop this time :P
So f*c* you man!
These guys never stop the ones who actually commit an offence.

Crazy Dumb Insensitive Immature ! #

CFD a day makes your analysis wonderful

I was pretty much able to visualise flow of fluids around me, be it air blowing around, and water flowing down my windscreen after almost a month of CFD analysis and simulations :)

Finally it rained on Friday :)

Monsoon’s here ! :)

Concluded my day with some Deutsch! :P


Yes! I speak German :P

Weekend much awaited! is here!
It was more of spending time with family! and ofcourse with German classes in the morning at 8. It’s nice to get up early get to drive on empty roads,with all lights green and ofcourse learn a new language! :)

Sunday! =)
Zeit für spaß !
Es war wunderbar.

(Translation: Time for fun
It was wonderful.)

We all went to Starbucks for our first chillout after the class :)
It was nice :)

Selfie!, no no wait it’s ‘NEUNELFIE’ = Nine(NEUN) People + Selfie!


Prost!! zu alles :)

Vielen Dank !

(Translation : Cheers to all! :)
Many thanks! )


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