Noises to (de)clutter!

The Voices

“All I have is a voice.” -W.H. Auden

We all live a noisy life.There’s so much going on that it’s not all surprising to lose our minds. Well… most of us anyway lose it by the end of the day!
The basic difference noise will be a distraction, less or not all resourceful while on the other hand voice has the opposite traits.

It’s pertinent that we learn to clear out and keep out what noises we can.
Because one person’s noise may be a voice for someone else.
Better (de)clutter it as required!

Listing down a few-

The ‘literal’ noise:

Music, TV, Movies or socializing.
Noise will always cause a distraction. Everyone goes through the motions, and such distractions make the mundane more bearable.
It’s about developing a habit of distracting yourself, however, it certainly makes living in the moment difficult even when you want to be in it. Distractions are fine, but never ever allow them to become your resting state.

Mental chatter.

Distraction is just not external, it’s certainly also when our minds are at play!
It’s capable of incredible things, but they do have a limit.
When you are all cluttered with stuff in your mind,(even one with a great mind), you can’t really utilise the best and end up doing shizz :P.

Let me tell you a short incident: I was in my 6th grade, I never liked History, and it was a pain in my ass to slog and remember the dates. Once I was so drained up, that I just started reading out loud “A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,I …. ” :D Haha because I have constantly with the thought that growing up isn’t good, that’s what my instinct cluttered mind made me do!

Having a control over it takes a lot of practice. I still do some crazy things, but yeah a better control over it.

It’s necessary to (de)clutter regularly, it all catches up with us.
We are often stressed, distracted, frustrated and lost because they have too much going on up there. Sometimes there’s so much going on that it’s difficult to think straight. Meditation — in any of its many forms — is really the only solution. There are a few apps as well to those who are a bit lazy. Try out ‘Calm’ sometime, it’s pretty good when you have lost it all. :P

The External Negative: voices telling you that you can’t do it.

What “it” is doesn’t matter. Just shun people away who who like telling you how little you can accomplish, stop hanging out with them. Avoid them at all costs, because the tendency is if you hear something quite often, you’re likely to start believing it yourself. Once you believe you can’t succeed, then you never will because it’s always a mind and gut play.

Sometimes even the people closest to us, who know us best, fail to be as motivational as they ought to be.
Then you must certainly take that negativity and use it as fuel to force them to see you as a winner

The Internal Negative: voices inside your head telling you that you can’t do it.

We all have that little voice in our heads. Sometimes it’s only a whisper. Other times, it’s a drill sergeant screaming in our ears. You hear sometimes “I can’t do it,” it really means, “I don’t want to do it.”
Lying to yourself never ends well. If you don’t want to do something, then accept it. If you’re not happy that you don’t want to do it, then start wanting to do it — those are the only healthy options. If you can get rid of the nonbeliever within you and learn to be honest with yourself, you will have managed to clear the toughest hurdles.That’s the art to inculcate in yourself.

Few ’Takers

Some people like your friends when they need a helping hand, but are never around to give a helping hand when you need one.
Some people like being charity cases. Others still feel like they have the right to use other people for personal gain. There are a lot of morally poor individuals out there — be sure that you call none of them friends.

PAST: you’re trying to hold on to.

It’s a bygone event which can’t change, yes everyone contemplates about it, but make sure you chuck away the negative ones. It’s impossible to leave your past, it’s what that made you into who you are today. You are and always will be a combination of your past, present and potential future.

Nonetheless, there are bits and pieces of our past that need to stay in our past. Some things, some memories, some people we hold on to for too long. It may not be what you want to hear, but some things in life are meant to only survive for a passing moment. Keep things which keep you happy and high.

Last of all just (de)clutter yourself. Stay happy. Keep the spirit alive and always be hopeful.

Have a nice day! =)


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